What It Takes To Win

glo2On Monday, April 6, 2020, I came in 1st place at the Toastmasters District 4 Division E International speech contest. Let me rephrase, on Monday, April 6, 2020, “my team and I” came in 1st place at the Toastmasters District 4 Division E International speech contest.

I first gave my speech “GLO” at my Laugh Lovers Toastmasters club International speech contest in Concord in February ….I lost to Camille, a member who had won the District 57 International speech contest the previous year. After the club meeting, I received lots of encouragement and was inspired to give that speech again at another club I belonged to, Evening Stars, in San Francisco.

I also practiced at other clubs and was the test speaker at an Area Evaluation contest where I receive 4 evaluation in one night. So many contributors. By taking the feedback (I also discarded a few too) from my fellow members…add more alliteration, use the power of three, pause more, make it more relatable, be louder, more vocal variety and on and on, it allowed me to expand in ways I could not do on my own.

My best friend and youngest son also helped because, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I had to give the Division contest speech virtually. I needed lighting, a background, the right outfit, and lots of practice. They had heard the speech so many times they could probably recite it from memory.

In the end, when I look back and reflect on how I got to where I am today it wasn’t just me. Yes, I have the talent and I am not discounting myself but I also had feedback, support, and encouragement. People were so generous when I allowed them to contribute to me in their own way.  I much rather have that in my life than to think I did it all by myself. Life is more fun that way.

I look forward to “us” ‘GLO’ing and taking 1st place in the next level at the Toastmasters District 4 International speech contest on May 30th.

One day at a time…a journey begins

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