My journey to courage


Tasha Speaks is a site about voicing one’s own courage. How do we find the strength to do the seemingly impossible? How do we access the courage to do the things we think we can never accomplish? How do we change the course of our lives in positive ways when all the doors seem closed to us? It is a matter of reframing your story, of seeing things through a different lens. Your lens of courage.

When I was only 26 years old, I took a step that completely changed the trajectory of my life. I left my abusive husband, packed up my two young children, and headed all the way across the country to a new job with exactly $27 to my name. What gave me the courage to face the unknown in such a bold way? How was I able to get out of my victimhood mindset? How did I dare to hope for better things for myself and my two young sons?


I was able to tap into a deep source of courage. Each of us has this. Each of us has access to this source. However, many of us continue to struggle due to fears we have propped in our own paths and then worship those fears as if they were real. On the day I boarded that airplane I had nothing with me except a blinding trust that everything would work out fine.

It is this courage, and other daily wisdom that provides the content for Tasha Speaks. I speak about the real issues in life and about the stories that lift us up and make us new and better versions of ourselves. I love to get real and keep it real in honest and humorous ways. Please see some of my speeches posted here. I hope you can relate. I hope you will enjoy and take something away to treasure for yourself when you need a bit more courage.


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